ASC-0168 Series



The ASC-0168 Series Line Type Heat Detector(LHD) is designed to provide early detection of fire conditions and overheating “Hot Spots” in situations  where other forms of fire and heat detection would not be viable, either due to inability to sustain the environmental requirements or through prohibitive costs. 


The combination of the LDH and ASC-8168 Series Monitor/Control Unit(MCU)  can adapt to a variety of environmental conditions, because of a feature called “Self-Adapting Compensation”. Self-Adapting Compensation assures the integrity of the alarm temperature set points throughout the entire length of the cable. The feature virtually eliminates false alarms and greatly enhances reliability by compensating for external temperature variation.


In addition to the features of the of the LDH and ASC-8168 Series Monitor/Control UnitThe combination of the ASC-0168LL LDH and ASC-8168LL Series Monitor/Control Unit (MCU) can determine the distance to a “Hot Spot” or fire point along the length of the sensor cable. 



·         Early detection of hazards at temperatures well below flame point.

·         Linear Heat Detecting Cable fire & fault monitoring with Self-Adaptive Compensation.

·         Two (adjustable) levels of activation (Pre-Alarm and Alarm) for Rate-of-Rise and set point fixed temperature alarm.

·         The /L type LHD can determine the distance to overheated “Hot Spots” or fire points.

·         Programming of the system can be done by a laptop computer, very quickly and conveniently.

·         Equivalent temperature displaying.

·         Rugged construction for use in harsh environments.

·         Ease of installation - wide range of options available.

·         Compatible with many existing zone monitors / control equipments.

·         Recoverable, resetable and testable operations - unlike one shot Digital LHDC.

·         Intrinsically Safe configurable for Hazardous Areas.



Table 1


ASC-0168 Series Analog Line Type Heat Detector

Fixed Temperature Detector

Rate-of-Rise Heat Detector

Fixed Temperature and Rate-of-Rise Heat Detector

Sensitive Cable




Zone Monitor Unit




Main Parameter

Alarm Temperature Range for 1m: 68~158

Rate-of-Rise Temperature Range:8.3~30/min

Alarm Temperature Range for 1m: 68~158.

Rate-of-Rise Temperature Range:8.3~30/min


Table 2


Line Type Heat Sensor Cable (LHDC)

High Temperature PVC


Bronze Braid for Explosion and EM-Proof

Part Number




Packaging Length

400m, 600m or 800m

External Diameter (nominal)


3.2 mm

3.8 mm

Minimum Tensile Strength




Ambient Temperature





Cores 2 and 3: Specially Doped Polymer,

Cores 1 and 4: PVC,  Other Cores(if have): Special Material

Core Colours

1= Red2=White3= Blue4= Orange; 5 or 6(if have)= Yellow or Green

Service Life

Up to 100°C: Unlimited

Voltage Proof

10 kV between outer sheath and a conductor

Maximum Distance for Laying

9m (Refer to UL521 and FM3210)



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